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Nassau in the Rear View Mirror

Welcome to Nassau come a little closer look out for the taxi they run your ass over.

Itís your very first walk into Nassau town. uh-huh.

'Lady get your hair braid, give it a shot.'

And they'll twist all your hair into tight little knots

We been eatin', we be floatin', we be braidin' we been jokin'. Now itís

Nassau in the rearview mirror.


We're pirates on a weekend holiday dockin' our ship in Nassau Bay.

Swipe a card for some T-shirts and Cuban cigars. Uh-huh

The wind blows damp with Caribbean heat

As we're make our way down market street

We been eatin', we been floatin', we be braidin' we be jokin'. Now itís

Nassau in the rearview mirror.


We were never told about this village

Itís the only isle around where the pirates get pillaged.

Taken a tour in the salty air.

Nassau in the rearview mirror


When the wind blows up and the waves turn foam

and itís feeliní like a very long way from home

You can just relax the crew keeps it on track. We got

Nassau in the rearview mirror


Clouds drift by in a Simpson sky crossing over the bridge to Paradise Island.

A sea plane lands flying in another charter. uh-huh

We had a great time strolling through the shops.

Got a great deal on booze now weíre ready to stop,

We been eatin', we been floatin', we be braidin' we be jokin' now itís

Nassau in the rearview mirror


The Careful Song

Take no chance with the food you eat,

Look both ways on a one way street.

Count the reps when you brush your teeth

Be a careful man.


Don't drive slow in the passing lane,

Don't tell salesman your given name.

Tell you're in-laws you're glad them came

Be a careful man.


Don't play games with the IRS

don't treat family like a guest.

If it smells weird hold your breath

Be a careful man


If your heart quakes with desire when your love life catches fire;

Before you take it any higher be a careful man.


Park your car close to the curb

Make no bets without the nerve

Caution when youíre choosing words

Be a careful man


Don't smoke cigars in the house

Don't kiss strangers on the mouth

Wear clean shorts when you go out

Be a careful man



Rap Guitar

Been forty years since I began to play

I still really like it,  I do it everyday

It was a pain to practice many hours

Way back in the 60's we all had flower power!

Well I know, that it really can't be wrong

As long as there are people to listen to my song


Then Disco came and things got worse

Drum machines had taken over the earth

We were small, we only had one face

They said get your self a drummer and add a little bass.

And we said why...   we only want to sing

Give us a break we only got six strings


So when Country came and it hit real big

But if you played a horn you couldnít find a gig

Well I don't line dance and I don' t have any boots

It was a very big change from leisure suits

But the single guitar still hangin' on hold

If only we could do away with John Travolta


In the 80's, Techno came on the scene

Far from the Beatles or even Carole King

You had to notice, but try not to stare

When you saw a nose ring, or pink and orange hair

But we were fine, we only sang about hope.

Hang with the scene, stay away from the dope


And now it's rap, it hasn't come very far

Rip off a groove and you can be a star

Call yourself a doctor or be an MC

Put y's where the I's go and drive a Humvee

Making up rhymes of your life on the street

From your house on the hill or your leather back seat


So the next time you see a guy on the stage

Who's been singing his song for so many days

You can relax, you can take a chance

They won't be bustin' out rhyme or synchronized dance.

And tonight when you leave your chair

Be sure to stop and say hello in there...

Be sure to stop and say, hello in there... hello!


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