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We all love a good movie. It's a great feeling to drop in that dvd and curl up in your favorite corner of the sofa! The trouble with movies is that they end. Or maybe they have another (sequel) in two or three years. Welcome episodic tv and cable productions.

Sex and the City - See these episodes on dvd instead of viewing them in syndication. Most of the 'sex' is edited out for broadcast tv. Now the series has moved to the big screen but the early years were the best. Hilarious sex-capades meets pricey fashion in this 'girl friends united' portrayal.

Monk - Our favorite obsessive, compulsive detective! Sherlock Holmes and Felix Unger combined. Expertly portrayed by Tony Shaloub having completed it's final season. Very entertaining and one of the few series that has 'watchability'. Destined for syndication.

Psych - Mostly entertaining, sometimes annoying 'pretend' police psychic. The under rated  son of a retired officer uses extraordinary powers of observation to reveal the truth along with his reticent child hood pal.

Rome - Graphic portrayal of the barbarous cruelty of the true Roman Empire. It's coarse, gritty, repugnant and thoroughly engaging. There is gore, sex and nudity. Manipulating the senate, assassinating Caesar, commanding the Roman legions and disrupting the schemes of Cleopatra. Perhaps Bruno Heller's masterpiece! Sadly, only two seasons.

Weeds - Marijuana Mom of the burbs! A Mother's desperate pursuit for income goes awry becoming into an ungainly juggernaut. A situation too difficult to continue and yet  too hard to quit. Plenty of sex and language. 

Sopranos - Award winning saga of mobster Tony Soprano and his cronies. Doting husband, violent criminal. 

Curb Your Enthusiasm - Larry David stars as a well intentioned misfit who consistently loses his battle to beat the system. He even sounds like Seinfeld and surely appeals to Seinfeld lovers everywhere. David has since become the wealthiest guy in Hollywood.

Dexter - Both seasons on dvd are gruesome and complicated as the serial killer is also the medical examiner. Fortunately Dexter kills other murderers. Ever concealing from and one step ahead of the authorities; his colleagues

The L Word - The 'L' word here is sometimes 'lover' but mostly 'lesbian' as a wide ranging group of women engage in a variety of emotional and sexual experiences. As they greet you at the door: "Liquor in the front, poker in the rear".

The 4400 - If you liked 'Heroes' when it was still fun then you'll likely enjoy this under rated serial. These are static 'returnees' who seem to have been endowed with subtle improvements and they're just discovering it themselves. Naturally the rest of society considers them to be mutants and tries to eliminate them. Sound familiar?

Californication - With David Duchovney. A writer copes with Hollywood and Natasha McElhone as well as what turns out to be a forbidden under age encounter. Plenty of language and sex.



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