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This is the page where I share some of my personal experiences while on board the Explorer of the Seas. My original intent was to make a fun pictorial. Then suddenly it became a kind of testimonial to and about the many unique personalities who ply their skills at sea and who changed this routine entertainment contract into something special. I would not be surprised if many crewmembers think that all I do is wander aimless and listless throughout the vessel in my spare time until I find someone working at their station who can't escape. Then I begin to speak! It has been my great joy to be charmed by this diverse, multi-national crew.

Explorer of the Seas is one of many enormous vessels that prowl our oceans and is replete with a number of staggering statistics. At more than 138,000 tons and 200 feet above the water it's no wonder 1200 plus crew is required to keep it all in order. Explorer of the Seas can carry slightly more than 3800 pampered guests. Click the Explorer crest above for a little behind the scenes video. You can also click on the camera for a few slide show images of the ships interior.

All the grand vessels, the exotic itineraries and especially the masterful cuisine could not and would not exist without the multi-faceted, personal contributions of some 62 nationalities. Many individuals work long hours at impossibly tedious jobs and yet somehow manage to return time and again. Many crew members are away from home and family for 6 or 9 months. Even so you can count on receiving a warm smile or a lilting hello. Life altering friendships are forged here, new skill sets appear. To work closely together in this way expands perceptions. We come to embrace a sense of belonging that not only creates a superlative team effort, but we come to encounter our posture as citizens of the world. This abundant charm blends effortless into storied reunions and emotional farewells.

To work as the resident pub entertainer is demanding but it's also great. I'm able to meet guests at their very best. Looking for fun. Looking to celebrate. And so I have knitted together a bit of recent pub activity into a video I snapped from my stage. View it by clicking the 'Crown and Kettle' graphic on the left. I'm also able to have crew access. For my part the best and most enjoyable cruise encounters is with the incredibly fascinating, indispensable and flat out awesome individuals who people this seascape with their gentle charm. Enjoy a cruise vacation and you will see for yourself! 

TO CONTINUE: Images (on the left) were largely snapped at a party for the crew held one night in June. Naturally the party got underway at the end of the work day (midnight). Click on the compass (right) for more. There you can view a collection of video shorts starring various crew on and off the job. I reckon the beatings have been successful!

Ship life requires a certain amount of creative release and that is pretty much what happens at these times. This particular party is hosted by the Cruise Director's division and the theme is 'Beach Party'. It is important to note that these images represent South Africans, Australians, Canadians, Indians and Americans but there are many more. The gathering continues until 3 AM and still everyone is expected at the appointed hour to start each work day. Next month a different division will imagine a new gathering.

Our itinerary departs Bayonne, New Jersey (Cape Liberty) on a Thursday afternoon. The Explorer of the Seas is docked about 200 yards from the Statue of Liberty. We will journey to four charming locations that include Bermuda, St. Maarten, St. Thomas and San Juan, Puerto Rico. 

Modest panoramas of our cruise destinations are posted on You Tube and can be viewed by selecting the related image on the right.



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