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Booking Steve is painless. With  decades of experience... we be flexible! Solo, Duo, Trio or Quartet ensembles. Try to book early. Co-ordinate everything. A date in high demand may be less available. Is your event  Inside or outside? ( have a contingency plan ). Number of guests ( a large group requires  more gear )? How do you want the band to dress ( black is black )



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Added Features: All acts bring a sound system and microphone. Our professional sound system kicks your event into high gear. Although it's never too loud! We also provide a variety of recorded music on break that includes smooth jazz, oldies and timeless rock. That's not all...




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Steve Can Also Perform in Multiple Ensemble Combinations:



  'Coconut Soul'    'Dia Noche'    'Steel Oasis'    'Class Action'



We can also provide steel drum ( pan ),  keyboard, flute or conga in any combination. Each individual makes a large contribution to the overall sound and appearance. If you have yet to enjoy our on-line audio samples visit the Audio Sample Page here.



'Staging Tips and Space Requirements'



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Live entertainment... it makes all the difference!




Making Contact: Try to review the 'Helpful Worksheet'. Hosting live music takes a bit of planning. If you are comfortable on the phone then call at an appropriate hour. Below is an actual image of my number. Images cannot be detected by spam bots;  or you can always drop us an email..

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'Coconut Soul' - Who isn't attracted to the good time music of Jimmy Buffett?


'Coconut Soul' brings to each listener the easy going humor of this American original! You'll also be treated to a variety of up tempo island rhythms. 


Add our talented Latin percussionist ( Carlos ), along with  / or ( Meryl ) on Flute and this charming music springs  to life. 


It's a duo and requires about 45 Sq Ft of floor space (5 x 9). 


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'Dia Noche - I made up this name because I thought it sounded cool! This is our Caribbean Trio. It is a joy to perform alongside these tremendous musicians and their great talent...



'Dia Noche brings together the remarkably expressive flute and it's charm to your event.  Our particular lady ( Meryl ) is also an accomplished vocalist. The result is an astonishing testimony to the breezy, jazzy beach sounds of South Florida. 



We can also perform many of the jazz standards you know and love as well as Calypso favorites. Our keyboardist ( Mitch ) contributes his considerable gifts to the overall sound. 



  Toss in the dynamics of our favorite Latin percussionist ( Carlos ) and some great harmonies. You now have enough energy to engage ( even overwhelm ) a large gathering. 



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'Class Action' A powerful Quartet! 'Class Action' affords you the option of incorporating many different styles of music. You will hear Caribbean Sounds, Standards, Rock, Pop, Blues, Jazz... a great variety. All tunes are performed with vocals and flute,  keys, guitar and percussion as needed. Class action has performed for the THIRD  Thursday event in the Village of Surfside as well as private events at the Ritz-Carlton on Key Biscayne and South Beach. Most recently the Quartet has appeared at the upscale resort 'Little Palm Island' for the ION television network.




'Class Action' can alternately feature our talented Master of the Steel Drum ( Wayne ). The Steel Drum ( pan ) is beyond festive while the keyboard and percussion also make for great photo composites... it's a tough choice.  It is a compact and potent delivery of tropical sounds. 



Of course Steve will be there as well helping to create a memorable listener experience. As a quartet there are higher floor space demands... about 90 Sq Ft  (9 x 10 ).


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'Steel Oasis' - If you would like to provide your gathering with the unique sound of a Steel Drum 'Steel Oasis' is your choice. 



Performing traditional Caribbean standards and contemporary sounds alike, we feature Wayne on the 'Pan'. On the right is a hasty photo.



Of course Steve will also be on the job performing as usual making this an affordable and effective combination.



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