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No one can know who you are until and unless you reveal yourself. We are all very much more than the sum of our professional qualifications! We all have hobbies and favorite foods and preferences that influence the way we manage our health and personal relationships. Above are recent cover images from my Facebook page and so address some of the 'thousand words' unspoken. 


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GUITARIST: A widely experienced career guitarist, vocalist, comedian and professional entertainer.  


OPENING ACT: Privileged to open for headline entertainers such as Donovan, Starbuck, the UM Jazz Band and the Bobs among others.  

EXPERIENCE: Appearances include hundreds of eateries, corner pubs, private parties and corporate events spanning four states as well as  Royal Caribbean and Costa Cruise Lines ( among others ) totaling a dozen ships at sea. Diverse geographic locations include Grand Cayman, B.W.I.; San Diego, CA., Cape Cod, MA and Cabo San Lucas, Baja California, Mexico. Local venues include the Grand Bay Club, Key Biscayne, Florida, the Doral Ryder Open, the Fort Lauderdale and Progressive Miami International Boat Shows Click for more.






Radio--WBFS Ft. Lauderdale, FL  

Television--WPLG Tampa / St. Petersburg  




Ft. Lauderdale News/Sun Sentinel  

Tampa Times Weekender Magazine  

Finger Lakes Times, Geneva, NY



PLAYLIST: Nearly 600 tunes of various styles. More than 200 tunes are custom crafted backing tracks. Styles include Calypso and Caribbean, Classic Rock, Country, Standards, Folk and Acoustic Music. Jimmy Buffett, Neil Diamond, Frank Sinatra, Bob Marley, Nat 'King' Cole, James Taylor, and many others are part of the soundscape. Click for more.


RECORDINGS: A first CD compilation entitled 'Sandy Clams' was released in the spring of 2000. A second CD compilation entitled 'Sage Ramblings' was released in December of 2001. Recording of a third all acoustic CD was released in January of 2002. entitled 'Plunder and Pillage'.  


HARMONICA: Don't forget, I play Harmonica too!  


TRAINING: Study of Voice, Piano and Guitar. Vocal training with George and Mildred Watson, private teachers of vocal technique, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; Guitar classes were undertaken with Vincent Bredice in Hallandale, Florida. Piano is on-going at Miami/Dade Community College, North Campus also in Florida.


WEB DESIGN: This web site ( as well as 25 other works ) was handcrafted to employer specifications. For  more complete information be certain to visit Pristine Webs.

AUTHOR: Several eBooks about the cruise experience and more are published on-line. Every book is available on booksellers Amazon, Barnes and Noble and in the iBook store. For more complete information click here.


Memberships: ASCAP