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The great thing about being an entertainer is as Jimmy Buffett might say 'the stories we can tell'. Travel blends with the exotic nature of people in unexpected ways! 



If you want to know more about the early days you can visit the Influences page!



I once opened for the 'Belmonts' (Dion wasn't there). 



I've also opened for 'Donovan', 'Starbuck' and the 'UM Jazz Band' as well as the 'Bobs'. 


I've managed to endure twelve separate ships at sea including five cruise lines. I've sung out loud at sea from Bermuda to Cabo San Lucas, and from Santa Catalina Island to Key West. 



 I once did an extended contract on Grand Cayman.



Noteworthy appearances starting with the most recent can be viewed here.



My crowds enjoy a  wide variety of musical styles! Caribbean sounds are smooth. They also like swing, rock and jazz standards.



I sound complete because I've produced custom  backing tracks. Every song is custom crafted.  I'm the only musician in the band and must multi-track every instrument. Using this very technique I have produced several CD recordings.


About My Recordings:




A second souvenir CD appeared. 'Sage Ramblings' can be viewed here. An all acoustic recording appeared named 'Plunder and Pillage'. View that disc here.  



My first love is still the acoustic guitar and I often perform the songs of Kenny Rankin,  Paul Simon, John Denver et all. I also play the harmonica. It is an old fashioned instrument and still quite popular though uncommon.




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