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Happy New Year!!

Another turbulent year has drawn to a close. We Americans found that we can easily be humbled by Mother Nature and also that we are capable of acting with a profoundly unselfish grace. There are so many conflicting emotions! When we look back at all the absolute craziness it's just wonderful to be here at home and in search of a greater peace! I'm certain you won't need me to review all those events. On the other hand, the history of New Years Day is pretty interesting.

Janus is the entity whose namesake is represented in January, the first month of the year. January used to be the 11th month, but was moved to accommodate the Gregorian calendar. With two faces (one looking forward and the other looking back) Janus was considered the god of gateways and portholes. Perhaps more specifically, the God of 'hinges'. It also happens to be the name of the sixth known satellite orbiting the planet Saturn. Curiously, January is inhabited by the astrological sign of Capricorn of which Saturn is considered to be the planetary ruler. 

It was believed that the very first moment of the New Year would place into motion all the succeeding moments. Apparently that is still popularly true. Why else would everyone party like hell at the median hour? That's pretty tame when compared with the Babylonians who celebrated for 11 days. Of course, their idea of a New Years resolution was to return borrowed farm equipment!

Robert Burns is generally credited with writing Auld Lang Syne although it wasn't officially published until 1796. It literally means 'the good old, old days'... except in Gaelic. In 1886 the Valley Hunt Club began decorating their carriages with flowers. A charming affectation eventually leading to the Parade of Roses and to the Rose Bowl as well way back in 1902.

Do your self a favor. If you decide to make a new years resolution ... don't tell anyone. Folks will be pleasantly surprised to notice a change in your behavior... if you are successful; or they'll most likely think you're worthless and weak if you fail. There's probably many things you didn't get around to doing last year (personally I wanted to repair the screen porch enclosure). One thing I know I'll be doing very soon is updating my home studio.








Check out my New Years Eve shoe adventure. If I was to recommend a universal resolution for others it would be: STOP cutting people off in traffic! Anyway, the New Year is here and yours to do with as you will. So, in the words of Louis B. Mayer:

"Make it good, make it big, and give it class!"

Wishing you a  New Year filled with meaning and joy!