From Steve Duell and One Busy Guy! Not everyone has had the chance to work with Live Entertainment! How much space is needed? Is it loud? What are the power requirements? Read on for some answers to these very good questions...

Stage Requirements... (FYI)

Depending upon the ensemble configuration you select, each group differs slightly in performance requirements.

Generally all groups require only one A/C receptacle. We bring enough power strips to provide for everything from one main outlet. Speakers can sit on the floor or atop tripod stands as pictured below (the sound travels better across a large room).

We are not rock bands and so it's never over loud!

      We bring a large mixing board, floor pedals, mic and instrument stands.

On the left you can glimpse a photo of the standard percussion set up. This is constant in each ensemble featuring Latin percussion.

On the right is a photo of the outdoor stage being assembled near the shore at the Ritz-Carlton on Key Biscayne.

Also on the right is a photo of  the 'Class Action' stage performing at Hawk's Cay in the Flagler Ballroom. The speakers are concealed by silk plants.

On the left is Mitch. A fabulous player that rarely gets noticed because he's busily making everyone else look and sound great.

The photo on the right is one example of a modest solo set-up for an appearance outside the Beach House at the Sheraton Bal Harbour. 


On the left you see Steve playing on the Majesty of the Seas. The big rack behind belongs to Royal Caribbean. Also on the left and below is seated the percussionist, flute and keyboardist in that order. On the right is the standard duo stage with percussion. 

   Minimum Space Requirements: Each performer requires an area equal to about 30 sq ft (5 x 6 for a solo etc) A  duo needs roughly 54 sq ft (6 x 9). A trio needs an area equal to 70 Sq Ft (7 x10). Add another 20 Sq Ft for a quartet (9 x 10).

Entertainment must be located out of the direct sun (remember the sun moves)! A flat, dry surface is required. You'll need a platform. We cannot set-up directly on the turf (it's damp and soils the gear) plus, there's a danger of electrical shock. 

Keep the bar, food and entertainment areas together! This is a common error. Guests tend to congregate near the beverages. Don't force them to choose between refreshments and entertainment when they can have both!

Random stage photos from a variety of venues solo and otherwise...

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