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Social networking sites have become an integrated part of the on-line experience. Twitter, My Space and Facebook are the first to appear but certainly more will follow. I confess to being a slow rider. I opened a Facebook page months ago and have posted nothing to it until recently.



You can also get more 'Steve' by visiting these added links. 'Sensible Soup' is a newly created blog currently hosting a wide variety of rants.





o t h e r  c r e d i t s  a n d  n o t e w o r t h y  l i n k s :




Michael Johnson - Michael is very likely the finest performer of his genre and a great inspiration to me. In his hands a single guitar becomes an absolute symphony.  I am awed and inspired. His presence is thoroughly engaging. Browse those pages by visiting




Dynamic Drive - Some of the DHTML code posted in these pages was adapted from customizable templates found here. I want to give them a big shout out! If you have interest please revue their text at .



Trackmaster - This company has performed all the reproduction and packaging of each CD recording. I'm certain to have driven them crazy but they never lost it on me and still did a great job. Even better that they have an excellent working relationship with the studio listed above. See their recently updated site when you visit .