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Web Posted 2 September, 2019 - It's difficult to keep things properly updated when you lack computer access. Lately ( a little more than a year ) I've been appearing at the Southport Raw Bar here in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I perform each Monday. Each week I manage to create what I hope is a clever graphic to promote my sets. Check out the new promotional graphics page.



Web Posted 2 Mar 2K18 - I have been assiduously persistent in crafting my web design skills. Check out

this new page and graphic created for a performance in South Miami.





Web Posted 26 October 2K14 - A new page ( Little Palm Island ) is completed. It's a glimpse around this quiet and storied if largely unknown luxury resort only 28 miles north of Key West . The island is located some 3 miles out to sea and is accessible only  by boat. 



Web Posted 18 March 2K14 - I have yet a third eBook about staying on board a ship at sea in the iBookstore and for the Kindle reader. The content is very useful for prospective new hires. 



Web Posted 26 March 2K13 - A new page that links all the recordings and publications together in a preview similar to Google image search results. I call it the Shoppe page!



Posted 19 March 2K13 - Another musing that may well go to the blog. It's been decades of promises and still the elusive 'all electric car' seems a long way from functional reality.




Posted 24 February 2K13 - I've been experimenting with JQuery, a new plugin language. And this effort has led me to post a new page about ufo's and aliens. It's pretty interesting. Click on the wobbling ship to visit it!




Posted 22 September 2K12 - Constant motion no wasted effort! That's a One Busy Guy mantra. I have a second 'new' eBook. I may have to change my web address to 'Crazy Busy Guy'!





Posted 17 July 2K12 - Tah-dah! It's happy for me to announce the completion of another new project. As of today my new E Book ( 'Cruise Ships Ports and Tips' ) has been accepted by Amazon and is now available for E readers everywhere. There are a number of free apps that can be downloaded making the book available on everything from an iPad to a desktop PC.





Posted 18 February 2K11 - My experimental agent friendly page ( has been discontinued. I maintained this additional site for several years. There was no contact information posted on it. That way a booking agent could send clients to access all the info without losing the referral. The experiment was not very successful.





Posted 27 September 2K10 - Hooray! Finally a new promotional brochure You can have a peek on the Flyer page when you click here.





Posted 24 August 2K10 - As I said it seems I just can't stay home! Talk about an annoying habit ... Shortly after returning from the Adventure of the Seas I had an opportunity. I just returned after 8 weeks on the 'Voyager of the Seas'. The Voyager has a great itinerary; it home ports in Barcelona and visits Naples, Rome, Livorno (Pisa), Villefranche (Monaco and Nice, France) and also Toulon (near Marseilles). As always you can view images of the ships interior by clicking the camera. I added 100 meg to the size of my web site! Nearly every page on this site has been updated and there are also new photos, new travel related videos and plenty of new entries on 'Sensible Soup'. Additionally some few previous videos have been updated with my newly improved skill set. Oh yeah, I did spend two awkward weeks on the Bahamas Celebration. 








Posted 4 May 2K10 - Apparently I just can't stay at home anymore. I love being at home but there I go off to yet another ship at sea. The Adventure of the Seas had an awesome itinerary before it was relocated. I've tried to do the usual info and image gathering. Click the crest to see for yourself.







Posted 25 January 2K10 - It's true! I had a brief turn around time after returning from 'Explorer of the Seas' before I rushed off to join the 'Freedom of the Seas'. It is (for the moment) the largest cruise ship in the world apart from it's sister ships the 'Liberty and Independence of the Seas'. It occurs to me that large is too small a word for this giant vessel. As is my way, there are plenty of images to browse along with a good deal of info when you click on the 'Coat of Arms'. Or leap to the many gallery images when you click the camera. 







Posted 30 August '09 - After browsing some of the many images from Explorer of the Seas I was able to post this photo gallery.


Posted 24 July, '09 A great stint on the Royal Caribbean Ship 'Explorer of the Seas'. If you would like to learn more about the ship and crew then this new page is for you.








Posted 26 March '09 - Rants, observations, curiosities, questions... it's all here. Our lives are stuffed with thoughts and perceptions that no one will ever know about if we don't express ourselves. Hence this new blog from One Busy Guy.







Posted 17 February '09 - Many talent agents have asked if I could post an agent friendly web site. That means a site featuring all my demonstration data without any contact information. A site that can be used to reference me without the danger that a client will contact me directly. Sadly the site was so under used that it just wasn't practical to keep it posted.




Posted 19 April '08 - A New Video Page! I suppose if I was more photogenic there would be many more vids on One Busy Guy. As it is I have only just begun. Many more to follow. 






Posted 8 Mar '08 Introducing a new project. I have now designed about 11 webs, 5 of which are currently posted. Check out the new web design showcase. Hosting on this site will end on February 26, '09 but the domain name will be retained and forwarded to One Busy Guy until a later date.




Posted 16 Apr '07 - I enjoy being one busy guy! To that I have decided to make a little archive of other busy guys. Of course these are the great masters to have humbled all others especially myself. 



YIPPEE! A new promotional brochure has appeared. It pays to advertise so each year a new brochure is created for mailing. View this years brochure on the left.





Posted 18 Aug '06 - I've decided to try my hand at a blog! Learning is a continual curve. Not even Tom Cruise would attempt this but I figure he has more to lose than I! It's unlikely my family will ever read it. 





Posted 20 Oct '05 - Not everyone has the chance to grow up in the country. While having a garden doesn't exactly make one a farmer, the lifestyle is present and some of my personal experiences are noted here. I'm certain to add more text in time.






Posted 1 Oct, '05 - Almost finished! Everyone appreciates Top Ten lists and we are no exception. Bold opinions on everything from Authors and Foods to Movies and the worst of companies will appear on this page as soon as I finish authoring it. Stay tuned!         




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