Video at One Busy Guy is a new and exciting tool. A learning curve for Steve, an important information tool for visitors


Recently I've been testing a new HD camera. The files are huge and a bit unwieldy. But I did manage to snap off these few  brief videos on the left for You Tube and so the web.









Our Two Previously New Videos! Each of these short videos comes from 'the Falls'; a large, upscale, outdoor shopping complex in South Miami. The audio may be a little hinky because the camera was placed very near our speakers.







I was able to sneak a few short videos just before the crunch on this early evening in the BackRoom Live!  It's perilous to attempt video in a busy restaurant  because there are so many folks rushing past and even stopping in front of the camera...

The 'Bull and Bear' pub is located along the Royal Promenade on 'Freedom of the Seas'. I snapped this video collage of the crowd from my stage over several days.  


Below on the left is a video taken at dusk with Meryl once again on flute. On the right is a clip I snapped from the Stage. Both videos are taken after dark.






One nice thing about video is that it can capture the most genuine moments. In these two examples we see Meryl allowing me to exploit her good nature with my modest vidographer skills.



Above is the very first video I made to test my new camera. I didn't know I was going to keep it but now it seems nostalgic!