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So, as it happens I was enticed to do a short tour on the Adventure of the Seas (19 days). The Adventure is a 'Voyager' class vessel and weighs in the neighborhood of 139K ton. Smaller than the Freedom but still gargantuan. The layout is practically identical to that of the Explorer. If you want to know more about the stats then please visit the Explorer page. 

I flew into Bridgetown, Barbados on a Tuesday. As I mentioned on the blog page, I took the 'white knuckle cab company'  through the city to the harbor where I trundled around with my gear finally getting to the ship around 2:40 pm.


The Adventure has a sweet itinerary for anyone who would like to take a huge bite of the Western Caribbean. Back to back itineraries include (in week one): San Juan, Barbados, St Lucia, Antigua, St Maarten, St Croix and back to San Juan. And on week two we visit: San Juan, Aruba, Curacao, Dominica, St Thomas and back to San Juan. I do notice that the more ports of call the more exhausting the voyage. The Freedom had 2 or 3 days at sea, the Adventure has one or two depending. The Adventure is about to be repositioned to the Mediterranean but this itinerary won't be abandoned. As soon as I find out which vessel takes over I'll post it here.

I confess to a true fondness for the Adventure of the Seas. These giant vessels manage to develop their own personalities. In some ways the Adventure can be awkward in the way issues are addressed. And in other ways it displays a relaxed efficiency that is unmatched. As with most RCL vessels, the crew is absolutely magnificent. 

Click on the camera for images from a variety of destinations. The Adventure is one RCL ship that plies Caribbean waters and does not include a stop at either of their two private islands. 

Many guests stay on board for the entire two weeks (back to back cruisers).


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