'Sandy Clams'

The very first recording from Steve Duell!

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From my own modest studio deep in the heart of that Latin Caribbean Mecca we call South Florida, a first album of cover tunes and original work. Five licensed tunes based on what you have requested and that seem always to get a good response. Five songs in the public domain, three Caribbean tunes, and one classical guitar piece penned by JS Bach.  A medley of unexpected songs and finally an original instrumental. Be sure to read the liner notes for more details. The disk itself is pictured here


  Mack the Knife (The first Gangster Rap Tune)

       Shame and Scandal (a Calypso Favorite)

  San Francisco (I Left My Heart.. a great Swing Arrangement)

       Yellow Bird (This one always makes Me think of the Toucan)

  Waiting in Vain (the Bob Marley one)

  Sugar Bum Bum (another Caribbean Standard)

  Wonderful Tonight (a Caribbean Beat for this Eric Clapton Tune)

      La Can Dance (a Medley of Familiar Melodies)

      Walkin' Halls (this ones Mine)

      Carolina in my Mind (originally from JT)

  The Bourees' (an intricate JS Bach instrumental)

I've tried to present a broad range of styles which is pretty much what people have come to expect of my live performances. In fact this is very much a live recording...  no edits. Everything went straight to the disk in one take... even the 'clams'. It's no secret, everyone already knows I'm not perfect. I am tireless however and I did the entire effort without assistance of any kind making this truly a production of One Busy Guy! 

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                                              Steve D

'Sandy Clams' 

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