'Plunder and Pillage'

The all acoustic album from Steve Duell...

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Thousands of hours and I'm back at the beginning! People like it best when I play my guitar and sing... live. It's real, it's genuine. It's happening now. Years ago it was difficult to get a booking with this kind of material because you didn't sound 'hip' enough. It now enjoys renewed popularity but has become so rare that it cannot be found on the radio. It is equally rare in published recordings. 

The idea here is to conjure up the kind of shared experience one enjoys while seated in a lounge and perhaps indulging in a frosty libation. This CD also features three original works. By popular request I have placed links to lyrics for the original tunes. Be sure to read the liner notes for all the info.


  The Careful Song -  This is mine. Things that pop into your head and with a little harmonica as well.    LYRICS

  In 25 Words or Less - I first heard this on the radio during a live concert. It has a walking bass line and lots of personality.

  Follow Me - Penned by John Denver filled with anticipation.  

  Rap Guitar -  This is one of mine. A short timeline about music history from the somewhat slightly askew vantage of a solo guitarist. LYRICS

  When Sunny Gets Blue - One of the loveliest tunes in my catalog. It was released the same year of my birth as well. 

  In the Name of Love - This is a covered tune from Kenny Rankin. He continues to be a huge influence on me. Plenty of vocal scatting here.

  Mood for a Day - A guitar instrumental originally from Yes. One of the first guitar pieces I was able to perform and it's still fun to play.

  Our Love -  This excellent tune from Al Jarreau is filled with meaning and sentiment.

  Nassau in Your Rear View Mirror - Spend the day in Nassau, Bahamas and you'll recognize the character of this song immediately.  LYRICS

  Still Crazy After All These Years - Another great influence on me has been the writings of Paul Simon. You know this song.

  Lush Life - This jazz standard was written by 16 year old Billy Strayhorn. It is both complex and poignant.

  Jesu: Joy of Man's Desiring - What can be said about this classic melody from JS Bach. The guitar has been re-tuned here.

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