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Hello again!

I guess it really isn't what you've done in the past, it's what you're doing now. That must be true, else why would I have labored ceaselessly to  produce yet another CD compilation from the studio of One Busy Guy. It's all for you! 

As before I've done it all myself, including the graphics. You must take full responsibility for every thing when you're the only guy in the band. This is another live recording in that it went straight from me to your CD. There are no edits, nor is it a multi track recording. This is exactly how I sound when performing live. Be certain to read the liner notes for the inside stuff. 

The CD itself is pictured here.


  Beyond the Sea  I often think of this as the flip side of Mack the Knife. 

  Best of Me  A bouncy tune from my club act by Maxi Priest.  

  Groovin'  Originally released in 1965.  

     Love the Way  A hard to find song from Jorge Santana.

     You Can't Get  A humorous Caribbean tune

  Lone Palm  This tune from Jimmy Buffett almost became the album title.

  Shanty  Something for harmonica lovers.  

  Blackbird  Everyone knows this great tune from the White Album.  

     Home Again  An original ballad.

     Tidal Cove  An instrumental journey along a rocky shore.

These songs are very popular in live performances. The cultural diversity of Miami is mirrored on board cruise ships. I've tried to assemble a collection everyone could enjoy. Lend me your lobes... thanks!


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